shining hearts heal

Our hearts are always shining. They radiate light and love and our most true and deepest essence all day, everyday. But, not all that light and love that shines in there is always allowed to shine out brightly and freely and fully. Our doubts, fears, wounds, and traumas restrict that light and love shining from our hearts, like clouds covering the always shining sun. The self we experience — mentally, emotionally, and physically — is a reflection of how brightly and freely and fully our heart is allowed to shine. The world we see, too, is a reflection of the shining of our hearts. A better, brighter, more loving world will be the result of our hearts shining brighter. For our own selves, our health and well-being, for each and every one of our fellow humans, for every creature, every plant, and for planet Earth, we must allow our hearts to shine brightly and freely and fully. And, for that, we must heal. Healing lets hearts shine, and shining hearts heal.

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