clients say:

“Phoebe is an absolute magician! Her level of knowledge and expertise far surpasses anyone I have ever worked with in the energy world. Each session never ceases to amaze me! Core Synchronism is helping me feel better physically and feel more in alignment. I had not heard of this method prior to working with Phoebe, but it seems to be one of the most advanced methods I’ve come across! Highly recommend!” – K.N., California

“I have had Phoebe work on me a few times and every time has been incredible. She used Core work on me when I was struggling with a weeks long migraine and after the session I instantly felt better. I was so relaxed and my head was finally out of the migraine vice it was in! The results lasted much past the session as well. If she hadn’t moved to LA, I would have regular sessions with her as much as I could! She is so talented at what she does and always so professional. Love her and what she does!” – C.R., Vermont

“I can’t speak more highly of Phoebe’s work. After I had surgery, I was in a recovery center and Phoebe came and worked on me while I slept. I felt so amazing when I woke up, and the following day my bruises were actually lighter – the nurses even noticed it. I am so grateful to have found her. She is truly gifted and I cannot wait to have another session with her. Her work is next level amazing.” – K.D., California

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