Any true medicine is a heart medicine. It is the life force itself, that shining in our hearts, that heals. I’m here to offer my support.

hand medicine

I work intuitively, using primarily Core Synchronism, but also Reiki, simple Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy, crystals, essential oils, and flower essences, depending on the individual client and circumstances. A constant conversation with the life force and the body, these sessions help to reorganize, synchronize, and balance the system, allowing peace, which allows the life force the space to shine. I love listening to bodies, because bodies love to be heard! These sessions are available in-person only; the client remains fully clothed, and simply relaxes and receives. For events, mini-sessions are also available. (For more information on Core Synchronism and on Reiki, please click HERE.)


I was inspired to translate Core Synchronism into a meditation format accessible to any English-speaker in the hope of making the benefits of the work more widely available. Robert Stevens, the founder of Core Synchronism, graciously granted his permission for me to develop this powerful practice. Results have been nothing less than thrilling, and it has become clear that these meditations are not a lesser substitute for Core, but rather use the principles and wisdom of Core to stand as their own language to the body and mind, heart and soul. These sessions can be done in-person or virtually, for individuals or for groups. Individual sessions will be tailored to the particular needs of the individual, group sessions can be generally focused or specifically tailored to a desired focus.

heart-centered event management

I still love a crowd. My full heart, centered mind, and loving boots on the ground make sure your event runs smoothly. Experience in retreats, wellness events, pop-ups, celebrations, and prayer ceremonies. Conscious planning, heart-centered creative problem-solving on the fly. Presence, balance, flow. All the hearts shining together!

To book, call 213-814-4384 or email

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