core synchronism vs. reiki

Core Synchronism and Reiki are both systems of energywork. The principle of treatment for both Core Synchronism and Reiki is that by creating a state of deep relaxation, the being is allowed to heal itself. Neither system is pathology specific. However, the systems themselves, their models, and principles by which that state of deep relaxation is created are completely different.

Core Synchronism is a mechanical system. In this model, the body (physically, etherically, emotionally, and mentally) has what could be called a tidal motion, comprised of an opening phase and a closing phase. The life force enters the body through the top of the skull, becoming the core current, and sets this tidal motion through its interaction with the cerebrospinal fluid. When in harmony, all aspects of the being, on all levels, move in synch with the motion of the core current. However, as the result of any trauma, physical or otherwise, parts of the being get out of synch with the core current and with each other. The goal of the Core practitioner is to resynchronize all aspects of the being with the life force through palpation and intention, while gently laying their hands on the client’s body, or working off-body.

In Reiki, universal life energy, or “Reiki”, is channeled through the practitioner to the client. Energy deficiencies and excesses are balanced, and blockages preventing the flow of energy are released. The practitioner gently lays their hands on the client’s body, or works off-body, while palpating the client’s energy field and using intention to affect it.

In both systems, the client remains fully clothed, and simply relaxes and receives.

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